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Dr. Feng GU, male, Han ethnic group, born in June 1963, Nantong, Jiangsu Province. He is the Deputy Secretary of the CPC of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Secretary of the Party Committee Organization, Professor and PhD. Supervisor of SJTU Antai College of Economics & Management.

Graduated from Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University, Feng GU achieved his Bachelor of Science in 1985.In 1992 and 2000, he graduated from Department of Operations Research and Department of Business Administration, SJTU School of Management and respectively received his Master Degree of Engineering and Doctoratal Degree in Management. He has served as Assistant Dean of Antai College of Economics & Management, Vice Dean and General Secretary of the Party Branch of School of Management, and Minister of CPC SJTU Department of Publicity. He was engaged in Statistical Decision Analysis, Quality Management, Marketing and other research studies. Now Dr. GU is committed to the teaching and research of Game Theory, Enterprise Competition Theory and other fields.

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