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Director         :Wang Weiming
Phone            :+86-021-34206501
Email              :wangweiming@sjtu.edu.cn
In charge of overall works of office


Vice Director:Hu Weiguo
Phone            :+86-021-63853310
Email              :wghusurgeon@shsmu.edu.cn     
In charge of overall works of the office in school of Medicine 

Vice director:Tao Jian
Phone            :+86-021-62932069
Email              :jtao@sjtu.edu.cn
In charge of petition dealing works
the management of the office on Xuhui Campus
Vice director:Zhang Yiyang
Phone            :+86-021-34206503
Email              :zhangyy@sjtu.edu.cn
In charge of secretary work of the office
Vice director:Zhang Dandan
Phone            :+86-021-34207159
Email              :ddzhang@sjtu.edu.cn
In charge of administrative work of the office


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